Implementation through collaboration

The National Youth Policy is committed to strong engagement by the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation. We recognize the importance of collaboration with other Ministries and Departments of the public sector, non-governmental and community organisations.


Establish the NYP Working Group

A Working Group consisting of officers from the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation, representatives from the Bermuda Youth Parliament and other organisations with a focus on young people, will be created to implement the NYP. The Working Group will issue a progress report annually.


Evaluate success

Implementation of the NYP will be monitored on a continuous basis to evaluate the Policy’s effectiveness. Lead and lag indicators will be used to measure progress. Leading indicators are forward looking and will identify the early signs that the Policy is on track to meeting its goals. Lag indicators measure the current results of past efforts i.e. whether the goals have been accomplished.


The lead indicators for the Policy are:

• Formation of the Working Group

• Annual progress report of the Working Group

• Data collected to accurately set out the position of Bermuda’s young people


The lag indicators are:

• Number of goals successfully achieved

• Research and publication of a status report on Bermuda’s young people for 2026

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To develop and empower Bermuda’s youth.


To form a unified approach to tackle issues faced by Bermuda’s young people and provide them with the support to have positive and productive futures.


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